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Let’s start with, What Is A Strategic Consultant?

Strategic consulting is when business people — generally executives, boards, or management — bring in a third party to offer an outside, expert perspective on their business challenges. Strategic consultants have considerable industry knowledge and assess high-level business issues objectively regarding the products you require help on in our case ownership, management, Employment Equity, Skills, Supplier and enterprise development, Procurement, OHS and HR. They take a holistic look at specific problems companies are dealing with and give advice on how they should approach them. This comes with years of practical experience in various market sectors and different companies.

When our consultant takes on a new client, they typically start by doing an in-depth analysis of the client’s business goals and objectives and align these to the legislative requirements. The goal of this analysis is to understand if the clients’ current practices are in alignment with what they want to achieve. Based on their analysis, they will provide strategic recommendations the company can implement to drive better results to achieve the desired outcome for the company.

It’s up to you to engage fully with your consultant and together to build the plan, measure against it and then celebrate the successful outcome. Your consultant cannot do it on their own it has to be a collaborative effort.

When working with our strategic consultant, a company will receive guidance on the following:

  • Budgeting advice — Input on best practices to cut costs and maximise points earnings

  • Strategies — Recommendations to increase efficiency and compliance.

  • Compliance regarding legislation – Your consultant will analyse and review your compliance against regulations and advise you of concerns and solutions.

  • Practical solutions that fit the strategy and dynamics of your company.

After providing sound recommendations to their clients, consultants support the implementation process.

Once the consultant is on board, they begin by understanding the ins and outs and dynamics of the operation, analyse the different fields find trends, and conduct analysis on the company and develop a strategic plan.

Our strategic consultants bring a wealth of experience to your boardroom.

Being a strategy consultant takes considerable business and consulting acumen, and there’s a lot that goes into that it’s not a copy and paste exercise. They work closely with executives, and they communicate professionally and effectively.

Our Strategic consultants also must make difficult decisions on a consistent basis. That’s what they’re paid to do. They are prepared to clearly explain the rationale behind their recommendations.

Our consultants were not born with all these skills they have honed them over years, they come with experience. Our consultants have many years working in business and consulting with track records. You should note that our strategic consultants are experts in specific fields and business subjects. Executives need to trust these decisions; this comes once the relationship is built and a track record / understanding is reached.

With many companies and industries shifting how they approach work for the long-term, we find more opportunities for consultants to help companies innovate and create a new vision for the future of work.

The best consultants can leverage their expertise to drive results for their clients and our consultants pride themselves in always exceeding client’s expectations.

Right now, times are tough, and you may have been weighing up the options of a consultant for your business. A consultant will bring in fresh ideas and have an uncluttered view of what is possible in your company.

This always results in better results for your company. In today's market the same old same old never works.

Please give us the opportunity of focusing on your compliance while you focus on the business.

Article By:

Hilton Johnson: CEO - Compliance Hub

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