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Employment Equity encourages the establishment of working conditions that are free of barriers, corrects the conditions of disadvantage in employment and promotes the principle that employment equity requires special measures and the accommodation of differences for the designated groups in South Africa.

Employment Equity Services offered by Compliance Hub


All designated Employers need to be compliant with the Employment Equity Act to avoid being fined by the Department of Labour. Designated Employers should not only implement Employment Equity in the workplace for compliance purposes, but also to ensure that there is equity within the workplace. At Compliance Hub we offer the following services to assist Designated Employers in becoming compliant with the Employment Equity Act:

  • Nomination and appointment of the Employment Equity Committee,

  • Training of the Employment Equity committee to raise EE awareness,

  • Conducting  Employment Equity analysis,

  • Assist with developing an Employment Equity plan,

  • Attend Employment Equity committee meetings and provide guidance,

  • Completing and submitting Employment Equity reports to the Department of Labour.

Steps to compliance:

  • Assigning responsibilities – Senior Manager

  • Consultation – communication and awareness

  • Planning – numerical goals, succession planning to achieve management and control representation.  A representative committee of the organization should be involved, and devising and monitoring the EE plan.  

  • EE Plan – EEA13:

  • Section 19(1) of the EEA requires a designated employer to conduct an analysis as prescribed, of its employment policies, practices, procedures and the working environment in order to identify employment barriers which adversely affect people from designated groups.

Required reports for submission:

  • EEA2 – Report on current workforce and numerical goals

  • EEA4 – Income differentials between occupational levels

  • System opens for submission 1 September


  • Manual submission 1 October

  • Online submission 15 January

  • Monitor and review plan – regular meetings are required

Related required documents:

  • Declaration by employee of race

  • EE policy

  • Appointments letters for senior managers and committee members

  • Employment Equity constitution

  • Workforce representation analysis

Best practice policies:

  • Code of good practice

  • Disability in the workplace

  • Performance management and job grading

  • Equal work for equal pay

  • Skills development

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Assessments and testing

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