In order to ensure that training is functional and adds value, it is important to have a workplace skills program in place with your respective SETA and SETA accredited training providers. We assist with the compilation of annual training reports as well as the development and implementation of your workplace skills plan .


This is a statutory legal requirement. If the youth wage subsidy and the 12H tax regulations are correctly implemented, this aspect of skills development can cause you to turn a profit on skills.

The Skills Development and Skills Levies Acts enable skills development by making training affordable through the grant levy system.

Skills Development Process - Mandatory Grants:

  • Registration as SDF for Client

  • Verification of client SETA & transfer if necessary

  • Assess client / organizational needs in respect of skills for the compilation and submission of the Workplace Skills Plan

  • Request and collate all employee and training information from client for the compilation of the Annual Training Report

  • Advise on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan

  • Assist the employer to develop a PIVOTAL (Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic Learning) plan and its alignment to the BEE codes if necessary

  • Advise on the quality assurance requirements set by the SETA

Administration Services:

  • Consultation of training needs for Compliance, BEE and uplifting of skills

  • Overview of Skills Levies, Skills Development codes and SARS allowances and how the company can profit from implementing accredited Skills training

  • Proposals of training solutions in conjunction with the clients SDF (internal or external) so that the contents of the WSP and PIVOTAL Plans are achieved

Skills Development Process - Discretionary Grants:

For clients who require assistance with Discretionary Grant, the following will be undertaken

  • Consult and advise on appropriate training for the company which is likely to attract Discretionary grant awards

  • Assist the employer to develop a PIVOTAL (Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic Learning) plan and its alignment to the BEE codes if necessary

  • Submit the DG application and all subsequent award acceptance forms per the SETA requirements

  • Submit all reports necessary during the year of the discretionary grant award to ensure payment received by your company

  • Follow up on payment from SETA


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