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HR is a vital component of any organization’s success. However, it is also a chief source of pain to business owners and employees alike.

Unfortunately, HR is often not prioritized, until problems arise that need to be addressed. But by then, it is usually too late.


With all the complexities companies are faced with in business, they cannot afford to not have access to an HR resource of some kind.


The answer lies in outsourcing your HR needs to a partner who understands your business and is well equipped to provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of requirements.


“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.” - Lee Kuan Yew


Services: HR Consulting

HR plays a strategic role in building capabilities and ensuring efficiency and growth within any organisation. Our mission is to see your organisation thrive, so whether you require support for your existing resources or wish to fully outsource your HR function, we have a range of flexible solutions for you to choose from.

View our range of HR consulting services:


  • Strategic HR audits

  • HR department planning and/or re-engineering

  • Drafting HR policies, including code of conduct and company handbooks

  • Labour relations

  • Employment equity

  • Employment contracts

  • Talent management

  • Job evaluation and performance management

  • Job grading

  • WSP / ATR Submissions

  • Recruitment


Outsourced HR Support

Outsourcing your HR needs is a cost-effective and ideal way to gain the freedom you need to focus on achieving milestones and conquering new territory, as well as to avoid unnecessary labour compliance risks and other challenges. This freedom is what our versatile and affordable outsourced HR solutions provides. Talk to us about creating a personalized outsourced HR support option that truly suits the needs of your organisation.


View our range of Outsourced HR options:


  • The Full Solution: This solution gives you access to full-scale HR services through experienced full-time, on-site professionals, making it feel as though you have your very own HR department. Our team operates according to Standard Operating Procedures and will manage your HR activities, from planning through to implementation.

  • The Project-Based Solution: Our expert professionals will operate in your organisation either on a scalable, part-time basis or an ad hoc, project-based grounding. This gives you access to HR solutions for specific concerns or standalone projects, such as employment contracts and CCMA disputes or skills transfer, employment equity training, and skills development.

  • The Retainer Solution: You also have the option to retain our professionals on a monthly basis so that you can manage your unique HR needs, solve specific issues, and improve relevant processes. This could include, for example, outsourced payroll and other administrative services, training, and assessments.





We offer innovative solutions that give you the freedom to focus on your organisation and developing strategies for its improvement and expansion.



We deliver creative solutions combined with hands-on support to ensure that only the best is provided for your organisation.



We are privileged to utilize the legal backing from Barnard Inc Attorneys, giving you ultimate peace of mind that you can trust.



We are committed to ensuring that our solutions are supported by current developments in all HR matters to help you get the most out of your human capital resource.



We become your HR ‘emergency contact’ and work with your overall strategy to ensure that you can allocate or change resources as your organisation evolves, giving you a truly flexible HR partner.



We offer value for money through our cost-effective approach so that you can realize the full value from your allocated HR spend.



As you grow, we will grow with you to ensure that you are in compliance with all government regulations and are able to manage the risks that come with expansion.



Your business becomes our priority and we rely on disciplined people, honesty, integrity, and a strict adherence to the code of professional ethics, thus ensuring quality solutions that you can most absolutely trust.

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