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B-BBEE Consulting

These words have particular relevance in the ever changing Broad – Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) (“BEE”) space. The ability to plan is of paramount importance, as is being able to execute, monitor, compensate and mitigate the risks during the planning process. These considerations will ensure overall success.

Employment Equity

Employment Equity encourages the establishment of working conditions that are free of barriers, corrects the conditions of disadvantage in employment and promotes the principle that employment equity requires special measures and the accommodation of differences for the designated groups in South Africa.

Enterprise & Supplier Development

Enterprise & Supplier Development (“E&SD) is a global movement that has proven its ability to stimulate economies, diversify supplier chains and create jobs and has was introduced in the BEE Codes as of 1 May 2015.

Skills Development

Compliance Hub Consulting in association with its alliances to leading training providers are one of South Africa’s leading Skills Development solution - based companies.

Offering customized learning solutions and open doors to an exciting, new experience in human capacity development by offering innovative training interventions that are relevant and meaningful to the company and their B-BBEE scorecard

Human Resources

HR is a vital component of any organization’s success. However, it is also a chief source of pain to business owners and employees alike.

Unfortunately, HR is often not prioritized, until problems arise that need to be addressed. But by then, it is usually too late.

Trust Compliance

Ownership has always been one of the most contentious elements within a B-BBEE transaction. Many companies have however recently opted to set up various different trust structures.


Imports will now be included under procurement unless Imported capital goods or components for value-added production in South Africa provided that: There is no existing local production of such capital goods or Components; and importing those capital goods or components promotes further value-added production within South Africa; 

Corporate Compliance

We prioritize providing a clearly defined and well-structured business strategy that will help strengthen your organisation. A vital part of this approach is giving proper attention to helping your organisation improve its structure, with strict compliance with corporate governance policies.


Occupational safety and health (OSH), also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety (OHS), occupational health, or workplace health and safety (WHS), is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at work.

Who needs to comply to the OHS Act 85 of 1993?

Ownership Solutions

It is important that a B-BBEE ownership structure not only be implemented for the sake of scoring points on the ownership scorecard. The B-BBEE ownership structure needs to make business sense and needs to align with your overall corporate strategy.


In order to ensure that training is functional and adds value, it is important to have a workplace skills program in place with your respective SETA and SETA accredited training providers. We assist with the compilation of annual training reports as well as the development and implementation of your workplace skills plan .

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