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B-BBEE ownership forms an integral part of the overall B-BBEE scorecard. The ownership element is one of three priority elements with the requirement that 40% of the Net Value points on the ownership scorecard needs to be achieved by a measured entity, in order to avoid the discounting principle being applied.


It is important that a B-BBEE ownership structure not only be implemented for the sake of scoring points on the ownership scorecard. The B-BBEE ownership structure needs to make business sense and needs to align with your overall corporate strategy.


Addressing the B-BBEE ownership component is the most complex part of the B-BBEE scorecard. The whole structure can be futile and expensive if it is not implemented with due consideration to all relevant factors. At Compliance Hub Consulting we have all the necessary expertise to address all the intricacies of a B-BBEE ownership structure.


We provide turnkey B-BBEE ownership solutions in terms of which the whole process is managed, from inception to finalization. In particular our B-BBEE ownership solutions are structured for our clients, with a focus on the following:-


  • The process is managed, from the structure design phase up to final implementation.

  • The most appropriate B-BBEE ownership model is identified with your overall business strategy and goal in mind.

  • The services of leading legal experts and B-BBEE professionals are utilized to ensure the success and overall compliance of the ownership structure with respect to the various B-BBEE legislative requirements.

  • All transactional agreements are included and are vetted to ensure compliance.

  • We work closely with your auditors / accountants / tax advisors to ensure that the most tax efficient B-BBEE ownership solution is provided.

  • Post implementation support is provided, should that be required.

  • The B-BBEE ownership structure is implemented in such a way as to maximize the points available on the ownership scorecard.


B-BBEE ownership can be housed within various different vehicles, such as private equity partnerships, employee share ownership programmes, trusts and broad-based ownership schemes. We strive to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients to suit their individual needs. Where your business qualifies, the provisions of the modified flow-through principle are applied to the B-BBEE ownership structure, in order to maximize dividend flow to shareholders.


Compliance Hub Consulting has implemented numerous successful B-BBEE ownership structures for our clients. Contact us today for expert advice.

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