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We are on the back side of 2021 and Covid – 19 pandemic is still a hot topic of discussion in and around every house. Currently according to the clever scientists, we are moving ever closer to a 4th wave. Covid-19 has changed the way business is done not only is South Africa but also globally too. Business small and large had to adapt, which includes meeting the B-BBEE requirements as set out in the Amended Codes of Good Practice. There is no reprieve in the B-BBEE space and the B-BBEE compliance remain firmly in place.

B-BBEE Verifications has moved to being a remote off-site verification using multiple platforms, like MS Teams and Zoom to present their B-BBEE portfolio of evidence. The positive spin off from using virtual meetings is, the efficient and effective way many employees can be interviewed across South Africa. In the past the verification agency had verification analyst travelling to the ends of South Africa conducting interviews in person. This was also additional expense for both client and agency. The portfolio of evidence has also moved to be paperless and every document to be saved online in the cloud. The verification process is a lot more efficient and result driven. The downside of the verification process being done virtually, is the challenges of not having access to the internet or stable enough connections. Access to proper devices like tablets and smartphones is also a challenge.

The allowance that SANAS gave the B-BBEE client and agency to operate in the virtual space, is only a temporary one and only time will tell what SANAS will propose the best way forward. The R47-03 will be required to be amended accordingly to accommodate the new future.

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be” – unknown

Article By:

Edrich Linde: Executive Consultant - Compliance Hub

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