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The submission window for the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report (WSP & ATR) is now open. This year, with the transition to the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework (OQSF) by June 30, 2024, preparing your WSP might require adjustments. Managed by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), this transition could impact your planning and reporting processes. Some training programs may not have equivalents in the new framework, and costs and time for skills programs might change, potentially affecting grants received from SETAs.


Despite uncertainties, it is crucial to consider these changes as you prepare to report your skills.

Who needs to report?

If your company's annual payroll exceeds R500,000, you are required to pay skills development levies and submit a WSP and ATR to the relevant Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) by April 30 each year.

What are the benefits?

Submitting your reports allows your organization to recover up to 69.5% of your SDL spend from SETAs through mandatory and discretionary grants:

Mandatory Grant – 20%

Discretionary Grant – 49.5%

Additionally, registered learnerships can earn your company tax rebates from SARS, providing a financial boost. Meeting these requirements helps fill skills gaps and earns you BBBEE points, crucial for compliance.


What is the link between BBBEE and WSP/ATR reports?

Skills Development is a priority element in B-BBEE, addressing the skills shortage. Non-compliance with sub-minimum targets can result in a drop in scorecard level. No points are scored if a measured entity has not submitted an approved WSP and ATR, emphasizing compliance with the Skills Development Act.


What documents are required for submission?

Documents may vary by SETA / company size but typically include the below:

Company Documents: SDF appointment letter, Company registration certificate, proof of bank details, EMPSA, tax clearance certificate, BBBEE certificate/affidavit, full employee list, minutes of Skills Meetings.



Workplace Skills Plan (WSP):

  • Skills audit identifying skills gaps and training needs.

  • Summary of planned training interventions, including schedule, number of employees and estimated costs.

  • Full training budget(s).

  • Implementation plan detailing delivery, trainers, and evaluation.

  • Signed declaration of discussion with employees and workplace forum.


Annual Training Report (ATR):

  • List of all completed training, employees trained, duration, and costs.

  • Evidence of training completion (invoices with proof of payments; signed attendance registers; certificates)

  • Summary of training impact.

  • Signed declaration of accuracy and completeness.


Ensure compliance and maximize benefits by submitting your WSP & ATR reports on time. Should you require assistance with submitting your reports kindly contact Compliance Hub.

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