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EQUALITY is giving everyone a pair of shoes. EQUITY is giving everyone the pair of shoes that fits them - Vernon Wall

If we look at the steps involved in implementation of the Employment Equity, it becomes clear that EE is more involved than simply having your employees complete and submit an EEA1 form and managing an annual report submission. As with any legislation, embracing the spirit of the legislation is key to ensuring successful implementation that makes business sense. Ticking the boxes should then follow naturally.

It is to this end the establishment of the Employment Equity Commitment within an organization can be viewed as the vehicle that drives and keeps track of the progress of the company’s transformation!

How we get started:

  • The committee needs to be democratically elected

  • Needs to be representative of the entire company on the various levels

  • Needs to be reflective of the company’s race and gender breakdown

Roles & responsibilities:

  • Be competent in all matters relating to the Employment Equity Act.

  • Consult with employees.

  • Educate and train employees in equity and diversity.

  • Develop and implement the employment equity constitution.

  • Develop and implement all employment equity policies and procedures.

  • Analyse the workforce, prepare a transformation plan, and develop an employment equity plan.

  • Monitor and report progress against BBBEE, EAP and the CEE targets.

  • Implement and monitor the employment equity plan.

  • Ensure full compliance with the employment equity Act and report all discrepancies.

  • Keep records of all meetings, registers, agendas, and minutes

  • Implemented transformation.

What the committee are not:

The committee is not a bargaining forum and is not intended to have powers to negotiate on matters such as salaries, wages, and benefits and conditions of employment pertaining to individuals or groups of employees.

Should you require assistance with the formulation of your EE Committee or EE Committee Training contact Compliance Hub, we’ll gladly assist you.

Article By:

Tiffany Reed: HR & SDF Consultant - Compliance Hub

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