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Letter From Our CEO - September 2021

Spring is always the best time of year for me. New growth, rain, blossoms, and new life. After all the Covid restrictions we all look for any opportunity to celebrate.

Over the last few months, I have been attending and presenting numerous Online Webinars and gleaned a lot of information as to where the frustrations and challenges lie regarding your B-BBEE.

Today your B-BBEE certificate is one of the essential keys to your company’s success. You will have seen way more emphasis from companies with whom you work on the level of your certification.

  1. Nearly 60% of attendees have challenges with Drafting of B-BBEE budgets plans and re-evaluating their strategies. Without this in place you will always be in the dark. At Compliance Hub our consultants turn this document into a living document which is evaluated and measured monthly, up to date of verification. Our gap analysis and strategic plan is the blueprint for YOUR successful B-BBEE Certification.

  2. 33% of attendees lack internal knowledge and support in their B-BBEE application. The process is handed over to staff with little or no BEE understanding of interpretative stances of the appointed verification company. On the date of the audit questions are raised that cannot be answered and as a result point are not awarded due to the lack of information on the verification file of the portfolio of evidence. Our consultants build your file from day one by working with and educating your staff throughout the process and then take you through the verification process until your certificate is issued.

  3. 76% of attendees have a B-BBEE scoring tool but do not understand it or have the knowledge to use it to their potential. They find the codes confusing and frustrating and are not aware of what can and what cannot be populated into it. Our consultants use the most widely accepted BEE Calculator that is used by the verification company appointed so in essence we have the verification answer sheet before verification. This is updated monthly to measure against the plan and have time to make alternative plans to achieve the required verification score.

  4. 98% of attendees have little or no understanding of the intricacies around Ownership, Management Control and Skills. Our consultants understand these elements intimately and also utilise internal expertise form our Employment Equity, Skills and legal department on Ownership. They also do learner sourcing, seta learner registrations, EE reporting, WSP and ATR submissions resulting in a holistic approach to your B-BBEE.

  5. 26% struggle with Verification preparation. Your portfolio of evidence is your BEE verification file. It's this document that is presented to the verification company as your claim to earning your B-BBEE Points. All the documents need to be referenced and identifiable on the date of verification by the technical signatory – without these points will be overlooked.

All our consultants have worked in verification companies as Bee Analysts, so they understand the requirements of the portfolio to be presented.

If you are wondering if this is true please go to our webpage and check out or references We would love to add your company to our portfolio B-BBEE is a reality and the days of not having experts saving you time, money and earning you the maximum points available are long gone.

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and assisting you and your company.


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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