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South Africans against reasonable odds prevailed and showed true grit, tenacity, and determination in getting through to the Word Cup rugby final by beating the old foe the All Blacks to be World champions back-to-back for another 4 years. We unreservedly congratulate the team and management in the Springbok camp.

The Springboks, as the South African rugby team is known, defied the odds to defeat NZ in the Rugby World Cup final on 28 October 2023. Even though the Springboks were the favorites in the match, The All Blacks had had an easier path to the finals, and it was going to take everything for the Springboks to pick themselves up to maintain the form they had after knocking (6)Scotland, (5) England (4) France ,(3) Ireland, to triumph over(2) New Zealand and bring the trophy (Willie) back home.

The victory has brought immense joy and pride to South Africans across the country. The team has shown that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. The Springboks and the Protea’s are testament to the hard work and dedication of the players and coaches. They are also a testament to the resilience of the South African people. Despite all of the challenges South Africans continue to achieve greatness.

Our teams are winners, they are innovators, they are world leaders, they are feisty and yet kind, they are diligent and committed but they are humble. The individual is never greater than the collective. They embody the best of South Africa and give us all a glimpse of how great our country could really be. The players are symbols of excellence and unity that has sadly evaded many parts of our South African lives for so long, from the legacy of apartheid to blatant corruption and criminality.

The Springboks and the Protea’s have shown that anything is possible if you believe in yourself, commit, and work hard. Their victories have brought all boundless joy and pride and unified a nation that just craved international recognition and acceptance. Win or lose from here on, these two South African teams have already achieved what so few in the world will ever achieve. I can only imagine the unbelievable success companies will gain if they can harness this spirit moving forward.

We need to remember that sport is a powerful force for good, and the victories of the Springboks and the Protea’s have undoubtedly given ALL South Africans a much-needed boost in morale. Despite all of the challenges they face, South Africans continue to achieve wonderful things.

I can only hope that the success of the Springboks and the Protea’s will inspire South Africans to continue to work hard and to never give up on their dreams.


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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