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Letter From Our CEO - October 2022

As of the date of writing this news flash there are 57 working days left before Christmas – with no one taking leave that’s less than 11 weeks – where and what happened to 2022?

Let’s put this in perspective South Africa has experienced 1,637 hours of national load-shedding over 68 days or in terms of 8 hour working days 204,6 days in 2022, more days of darkness than we have left this year. Energy availability for 2022 is estimated to be 51% - a shocking stat.

The number of unemployed persons increased by 132 thousand to 7.994 million this year in SA. (Stats SA) The major causes of poor service delivery are councillor interference and political manipulation, corruption, lack of accountability and transparency, inadequate citizen participation, poor human resource policy, failure to manage change, lack of employee capacity, poor planning, and poor monitoring and evaluation.

This all paints a bleak picture for our wonderful county, right? We can all fill social media with complaints and comments, or we can focus on our companies and Jobs and get it done!

I’ve said it before South Africa is filled by a diverse group that always survives – A boer maak n plan when they want to!

The largest private employer in South Africa, Shoprite employs 142,602 people. It said it created 3,897 new jobs over the past year, including the creation of 2,870 Sixty60 related posts and 3,584 jobs since its launch in November 2019. The Xtra Savings Rewards Programme has signed up 20 million members. Same business simply a different approach!

South Africa's diverse economy has multiple fast-growing industries. The country is gradually becoming self-sufficient because it does not rely on a single sector to generate income. Same old same old no longer applies in SA. Innovation is now called for exactly like Shoprite did.

What are companies’ biggest challenges in SA?

Finding a decision maker in a company, maintaining quality customer relationships, meeting customer needs, preserving a good reputation, retaining employees and a sense of employee urgency to get it done right.

When working with companies, whether local or international we share the sentiments above – hurry up and wait and someone else to blame!

All the above revolve around training, focus, measurement, and commitment from the top down!

That leads me to the submission of your annual workplace Skills and annual training report, the window is now open for submissions. With a correct structure on your company's WSP/ATR not only will you get money back from SETA you can overcome all the above shortcomings in your company and at the same time increase your B-BBEE level. We have an unlimited number of training providers; we handle all Seta documentation and identify the skills needed with learner readiness testing, attendance reports, recruit and train staff for unemployed learners and bursary applicants. Just make the decision, stick by it and reap the rewards. We take care of the rest for you!

By the way, Shoprite Group spent more than R700-million over the past five years on skills development and training programmes. Still wondering if it works looking at their results.

Be safe and take care.


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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