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The cold arrived and left and arrived again - rains were welcome, snow made its appearance, and the reduced load shedding was even more welcome - maybe, just maybe, some form of normality is returning in SA.

In SA at the moment the government seems hell bent on introducing new acts, regulations and controls on companies that become the responsibility of companies to implement and apply. All is well until it goes wrong then they throw the book at you.

We have a new B-BBEE Commissioner Tshediso Matona the question on all our lips is will he give B-BBEE any credibility of like Zodwa before him try and use the stick around every corner? It will not take long to see his intentions.

Compliance be it OHS, Legal, Financial, HR, B-BBEE, FICA, POPI or Employment Equity is something that you need to understand and apply to the benefit of your company the head in the sand ostrich approach will not help you it will simply put bite you!

Understand the regulatory landscape then develop a compliance program once you understand the regulatory landscape. Train your employees: It is important to train your employees on compliance so that they understand the importance and how to comply with the law to protect you and the business. In today’s times you have a system for managing compliance risks.

Be proactive: Compliance is not something that you can do once and then forget about. You cannot be reactive. You need to be proactive with your approach to compliance and continuously monitor your program to ensure that it is effective. Follow these tips and best practices, to help ensure that your company is compliant with the laws and regulations in South Africa. This will help you to avoid penalties, protect your reputation, and improve your bottom line.

As always, we wish you every success for the months ahead and thank you for your support.

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