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Letter From Our CEO - August 2021

Spring is nearly upon us and hopefully spring brings about some new growth for our straining economy?

Covid it still playing a major role in all our daily lives and lets all be honest it’s not getting better. This in my opinion will be around for a long time to come, dare I say…. This could be our new norm. Travel is limited, international travel by South Africans from South Africa is at a virtual standstill, all of this obviously has an impact on business and the economy.

I have been trying to get to the Indian Ocean Islands since May of last year to conclude a multimillion Dollar deal, but this is simply not possible under the current regulation. I can only imagine how many other companies are in the same situation. Of course, the inflow of new capital is essential in our country. Our current BEE laws already put unnecessary strain on investors that should instead be focusing on job creation and an investor friendly environment – but sadly not!

We get a lot of mail every month asking if there is any indication from the Government regarding the relaxation of BEE- Skills, EE or OHS due to the pandemic.

Sadly, this is not the case there has been no relaxation on any of these fronts in fact we have found things harder especially with the SETA’s. They are a current disaster tomorrow never comes, system changes and staff not being of any assistance is the norm.

Under today’s rules, planning by companies becomes more and more important. Lead times for everything need to be carefully considered. The rules of automation make decision making by government departments nearly impossible.

What I can guarantee you is that a respectable B-BBEE certificate will not hold you back but a bad rating or non-compliant one will!

The 5 P'S are more important now than ever – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Stay focused. There are many opportunities out there, be successful and have fun.


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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