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The Department of Employment & Labour are currently investigating companies - are you prepared!

Are you doing your Employment Committee meetings correctly:

Employment Equity submission window opened on the 1st of September 2021.

You need to be prepared and have your portfolio of evidence on hand in case of an inspection.

Let’s consider your portfolio regarding one aspect – your Employment Equity committee.

The Employment Equity committee was established in terms of section 16 of the Employment Equity Act no. 55 of 1998. Employment Equity Committee members must be consulted on a variety of matters regarding Employment Equity. The committee must meet the following requirements. If the Department of Employment and Labour does an Employment Equity audit you meet the requirements.

  1. Employment Equity members must be nominated by fellow employees considering race, gender, and occupational levels. Nominated candidates must be from designated and non-designated groups. Selected members must agree and accept being part of the committee by signing appointment letters. Should the company have trade union members, union members should also be part of the committee.

  2. A senior Employment Equity manager should be appointed to ensure that there is implementation of the Employment Equity Act. The senior Employment Equity manager should be someone who reports directly to the CEO.

  3. When the committee is in place, all members must receive training on the Employment Equity Act to be conducted to familiarise the committee on the Employment Equity responsibilities and duties.

  4. The committee should meet monthly or at least quarterly, as evidence that consultation has taken place, registers, minutes and agenda of the meetings should be kept as your portfolio of evidence.

Do you now understand and are you able to meet these requirements?

Our doors are open to assist you with consultation or questions pertaining to your Employment Equity committee.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

Article By:

Rumbi Vashoma: SDF and EE Consultant - Compliance Hub

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