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Now that the Employment Equity reporting window has now closed.

Can we now shelf Employment Equity files and get back to them again in September when the next reporting period comes? NO PLEASE DON'T!!!

Employment Equity is a process and is not concluded by only submitting the Employment Equity reports. After your companies reporting the next step is to monitor the Employment Equity plan if the plan has expired or does not exist this is the time to develop one.

The plan is not developed by the employer ALONE, this must be developed in consultation with the Employment Equity committee. An Employment Equity committee is established to be consulted with on all Employment Equity matters.

It is the duty of the employer to set up the committee by appointing members of the committee or have members nominated by other company employees. When setting up the committee race, gender and occupational level must be taken into consideration. If the company has trade union members, union members should also be part of the committee. A Senior Manager must also be part of the EE committee.

Appointment letters must be issued to each committee member who must acknowledge the appointment by signing acceptance for the position. The Senior EE manager who is part of the committee must have a different appointment letter from the CEO.

Once the committee has been appointed training on the Employment Equity act must be conducted so as to familiarise the committee on the Employment Equity responsibilities and duties.

Once that the committee is knowledgeable, the consultation process can start in the form of Employment Equity meetings. Meetings must be held monthly or quarterly. Your best time to have the consultation process is now, to avoid pressure when the next submission window opens.

Record keeping in the form of minutes and attendance registers must be put in place for each meeting.

What you need to do now in your company-

  • Set up the Employment Equity committee.

  • Train the committee to acquire knowledge of the Employment Equity Act.

  • Standard appointment letters for the committee issued and signed.

  • Guidance on what to discuss in the committee.

  • Any other Employment Equity matters that you need discussed.

  • Remember involvement creates commitment.

  • Our doors are open to assist you with questions, concerns or needs.

Please feel free to contact us.

Article By:

Rumbi Vashoma: EE and SDF Consultant - Compliance Hub

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