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It is that time of the year when companies with an annual payroll of R500 000 or more must submit their Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports to the relevant SETAs. Different SETAs are now opening for 2022 submissions and the deadline is the 30th of April 2022.


It benefits you and the company as you would have better skilled staff who are able to work more productively – this means faster turnaround times with fewer mistakes, resulting in more profitability for the company.


The process starts with the appointment of a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) by the company who acts as the appointed contact person between SETA and the company to ensure that the whole submission process goes smoothly.


When a company employer has fifty or more employees a training committee must be set up to consult with employees on Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Reports to be submitted. The committee must be correctly constituted considering race, gender, occupational level, and trade union representative (where applicable).

Is it really necessary?

It is a statutory requirement by law to submit both WSP and ATR reports. If a company wants to get points on B-BBEE skills development, proof of submission and proof of acceptance for your SETA is essential. Failure to submit the report might result in a measured entity losing points and dropping a level or more. Skills is a priority element with a one level drop if 40% of your skills points are not earned.

What does the company gain?

It is also beneficial to submit the reports as there is a financial benefit attached for you, 20% of the SDL paid by the employer can be refunded by SETA to your company if the WSP and ATR report is approved. SETA can ALSO award 49,5% at the discretion of SETA provided the training is for scarce and critical skills in the sector.


Remember you are not only walking away from your own money by not submitting but also the loss of B-BBEE points and potentially a fine for non-compliance.

So what now?

With 10 years of WSP/ATR and compliance experience we are perfectly suited to assist you so that you focus on the business while we focus on your submission.

Contact us today!

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