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We are now in the season of Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) submissions. The different SETA's are now opening their window for your 2021 submission.

Your WSP /ATR submissions are a statutory requirement by law.

The following must be met by the WSP and ATR in order for the measured entity to receive points on the B-BBEE Skills Development Element scorecard:

1. SETA confirmation of approval of Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report

It is crucial to note that if WSP and ATR reports for the current year have been submitted an approval letter will not be instantly issued by the SETA. SETA will conduct an evaluation process of the reports submitted to check if the reports meet the submission requirements, if met, an approval letter will be issued to you. Please note this evaluation process usually takes months and if you are planning to go for verification in the same year that you have submitted it is advisable to use the previous year’s submission (the year you are measuring) that was approved.

There are two exceptions when an approval letter is not required:

  1. When the company’s annual payroll is less than R 500000.00 - this a company is not obliged to submit the WSP and ATR reports. To prove this on verification the company must give the verification agency their payroll as evidence of the payroll actual.

  2. If the company is newly registered and the WSP submission is done within 6 months of registration. Company registration documents will be needed to prove that this is a newly registered company.

2. SETA confirmation of registration of a Skills Development Facilitator

Skills Development Facilitator Seta confirmation of registration is now one of the requirements for B-BBEE on the WSP and ATR requirements.

A Skills Development Facilitator is someone appointed by the organisation (who is a registered SDF) to submit WSP and ATR reports to SETA and if there are any skills development issues the SDF will act as a liaison between SETA and the organisation.

An SDF needs to register on the SETA system in order for SETA to provide access to the relevant SDF for the specific employer. SDF Registration process differ on each SETA but here are compulsory requirements for registration that is SDF appointment letter and Certified ID copy.

SETA must accept and confirm the registration of the SDF by sending a confirmation email to the SDF. Confirmation of registration can be in the form of an email or letter depending on the SETA. This is the confirmation that the verification agency will request as part of WSP and ATR FOR BEE verification requirements, No letter of confirmation no skills points for BEE.

It is therefore advisable that as soon as you receive registration confirmation from SETA save it in your verification file.

Should you require our assistance with your WSP and ATR reports submission that are due on the 30th of April 2021 please reply with WSP/ ATR in the subject line and we will contact you.

Article by Rumbi Vashoma – Skills Development Consultant, Compliance Hub

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