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Deadline for submitting Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports is fast approaching (30th of April 2021).

An employer with 50 or more employees must consult with employees on Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Reports to be submitted.

Consultation must take place before the submission of the reports and after the submission to monitor the progress of the training plan submitted. This is done by establishing a Skills Development Committee. The committee must be correctly constituted putting into consideration race, gender, occupational level, and trade union representative where applicable.

If the company already has an Employment Equity committee the same committee can be used for Skills Development because the same requirements are needed to set up both committees. The only difference on both committees is that the Skills Development Committee must have a Skills Development Facilitator and minutes for consultation are uploaded on SETA indicium.

Minutes of the Skills Development Committee must show that the submission made to SETA was discussed, approved by the committee, signed by attendees, and dated. At least two sets of minutes must be uploaded, if minutes are not uploaded the submission will not go through.

If you need guidance on how the Skills Development Committee meetings are conducted, submission of Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report please do contact us.

Article By:

Rumbi Vashoma: EE and Skills Development Consultant - Compliance Hub

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