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An Employment Equity plan is a designated employer’s execution programme setting out steps they intend taking to achieve employment equity.

To do this, they need to analyse their workforce profile as well as their employment practices and policies.

In drawing up the plan they must consult the Employment Equity committee to get agreement around it.

An Employment Equity Plan must state the following:

  • Duration of the plan - this may not be less than one year and not more than five years.

  • After the duration of the plan has been decided objectives to be achieved each year of the plan should meet the SMART principle must be set.

  • Barriers and Affirmative Action measures identified in the analysis with time frames for tracking and monitoring implementation of Affirmative Action including designations of persons responsible for overseeing implementation of the plan. Discrimination and unfair practices are a barrier to employment equity and must be identified, analysed, discussed and addressed.

  • Numeric goals – workforce profile that an employer wants to achieve at the end of the EE plan.

  • Numeric targets workforce profile that the employer wants to have at the end of each reporting period.

  • Ways to solve disputes about the plan.

In the event that the company already has an Employment Equity plan, goals and targets previously set are no longer realistic and unachievable because of different reasons the employer must review the Employment Equity plan.

If you are a designated employer this is the time to develop an Employment Equity plan as you are required by law to submit Employment Equity Reports from September 2022 to 15 January 2023 based on the plan.

If you need assistance with developing an Employment Equity plan and to avoid a hefty fine from the Department of Employment and Labour for non-compliance with the Employment Equity Act please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Article By:

Rumbi Vashoma: SDF & EE Consultant - Compliance Hub

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