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It’s to establish and maintain an effective management system for all internal and host workplaces, management staff, employees, and clients.

Each company is committed to implement a structured approach to workplace Health & Safety to achieve a consistently high standard of safety performance. This plan will assist the

company to meet its legal and other obligations in accordance with workplace safety, health

and environmental legislation and associated standards, codes, and guidance materials. This Plan applies to all the company’s Management, Operational and Casual employees, as well as stakeholders about all works and activities carried out by the company.

This shall be achieved through:

  • The development, implementation and commitment to the organisation’s Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Management System.

  • The allocation of responsibilities and accountabilities of internal and external stakeholders towards defined objectives and targets.

  • Strict adherence to all legal and other obligations required of the company.

  • Provision of collaborative instruction and training for all employment levels of the organisation including:

- Senior Management,

- Branch Management,

- Direct Employees; and

- Casual Employees as required.

  • Hazard identification through pre-placement task risk assessments and site inspections of prospective host workplaces.

  • Regular monitoring and review of site, task and employee safety Assessments where employees are placed.

  • Development, implementation, and scheduled review of internal and site-based Emergency Management Systems.

  • Application of measurable input and output-based Health and Safety performance indicators.

  • Consistent Monitoring and Review of all safety management systems for continual improvement.

Article By:

William van Greunen: OHS Consultant - Compliance Hub

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