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The B-BBEE verification is becoming more strenuous as more evidence is required from verification agencies to confirm all claims and points on your B-BBEE certificate.

So, what are the steps?

Step 1:

Ensure you have all elements targets achieved and have an idea of what Level you might achieve. A B-BBEE snapshot (an unverified audit) can give you the indication of the possible level that can be achieved.

Step 2:

Identify an Accredited B-BBEE verification agency that can conduct the specific sector code verification. Accreditation agencies that are still accredited SANAS verification agency can be found on the following link: - Click on Accredited bodies and then click on Verification Agency (B-BBEE).

Step 3:

Engage with the verification, disclosing your total employees and annual turnover to get a formal quotation of the full verification. Once quote is accepted, a formal invoice will be invoiced for payment of the verification.

Step 4:

It is always a great idea to ensure you start building the verification file before engaging with the verification agency to ensure a smoother process and more accurate documentation submission.

Step 5:

Providing the claim sheet of all implemented B-BBEE structure and target to the verification agency that will assess. The B-BBEE verification agency will select samples, which evidence must be submitted to them for verification of accuracy. Additional documents might be requested to provide sufficient evidence for the claim.

Step 6:

Once All sample documents. general documents and sheets are submitted and reviewed. An onsite with interviews date and time is scheduled to be conducted.

Step 7:

Once all interviews and additional documents have been submitted and verified by the Analyst and Technical signatory. The preliminary report is issued. Once the preliminary has been accepted with the verified B-BBEE level. The Certificate will be issued and will be valid for 12 months.


It is necessary to do snapshots to ensure you are aware of what B-BBEE level you might achieved to avoid any surprises.

Start the file preparation at least 3 weeks before engagement with the verification agency to avoid any delays in the process.

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