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At Compliance hub we use one of the most accurate leading B-BBEE calculation Software Systems in South Africa.

With B-BBEE there comes a saying that if there is no B-BBEE planning, how would you achieve your B-BBEE Level. B-BBEE is not a one-day implementation or compliance tick box, but a detailed 12 month planning process.

We offer detailed reports that make use of the Mantis calculators that are in line with all SANAS regulations and R47-03 verification manuals.

Planning projects during your financial year can ensure budgeting in your financial year for specific targets or probabilities that are implemented or planned during your financial year of verification. Which means that all information provided by the client can give an accurate valuation of what Level can be achieved during your measurement period.

Most B-BBEE verification agencies, make use of the Mantis Calculator software system. This is a massive advantage as you as the client are ensured that the calculator would give you the same result in B-BBEE level as the verification agency. Pending evidence submitted.

The calculators are available on all sector codes and gives you accurate scores related to your company’s sector code.

If you are unsure of what possible score and B-BBEE level, you would achieve halfway through the year or just before your verification date.

Contact us to day to give you an accurate scorecard using the Mantis calculators today or provide you with a budgeting plan for future implementations.

Article By:

Francois Le Sueur: Executive Consultant - Compliance Hub

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