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When applying for a tender and more often than not a listing, these are two of the most important documents needed, a Tax Clearance Certificate and a B-BBEE Certificate.

Government pulled a smart move on including these documents and gave business no option but to comply or be scrapped from the bidding process. From 2003 a company’s B-BBEE certificate has become a sought after and prized possession. Why? It’s a measurement tool that the government has implemented to measure a company’s transformation level, it's expensive, it’s difficult to achieve, it’s a badly written set of Gazettes and there is risk for you and the Verification Agency.

The higher your B-BBEE Level the more value you offer towards the tender regarding the issuing companies Preferential Procurement.  More importantly the higher your level the bigger your advantage over your opposition.

So why has the government mandated tenders to include these two documents? 1) To ensure companies pay tax, and 2) To help the government achieve their mandate to distribute wealth of the nation to all, with the key being previously excluded individuals.

Do you have your required Certificates, if not- it's never too late to get them?

Hilton Johnson CEO – Compliance Hub

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