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Are you ready for the ultimate HR transformation? Just like the Rugby World Cup unites the nations in the pursuit of excellence on the field, our HR Consulting team is here to unite your organization for success off the field. Take advantage of our exclusive offer in alignment with the Rugby World Cup – 15 Positions, 15 Services, Your Winning Line-up!

  • Recruitment Scrum: Finding the perfect talent for your team.

  • Employee Onboarding and Induction: Get your new recruits into the game seamlessly.

  • Rugby Ready Training: Skills Development for your workforce (WSP & ATR Submissions)

  • “Try” and “Test” Policies: HR policies and procedures that score.

  • Employee Handbook: Clear guidelines for your team’s success

  • Personalized Job Descriptions: Tailored roles for every player

  • Employment Contracts: Solidify your teams’ commitment.

  • Maul Function Resolution: Prevents conflicts from sideling your team.

  • Disciplinary Practices: Maintain discipline and fair play in the team.

  • Management of Employee Performance Reviews: Evaluate your team’s performance with surgical precision.

  • Succession Planning: Ensure your bench is always ready to step up.

  • Culture Conversion Kick: Transform your workplace culture.

  • Time Management Blitz: Productivity Enhancements

  • Employment Law Tackle: Stay compliant with ease.

  • Employment Equity Compliance: Designing and implementing an Employment Equity strategy to promote diversity in compliance with the EE Act.

Do not Miss the Final Whistle! Act Now and Secure your HR Victory!

When you sign up for our HR Consulting services before the Rugby World Cup Final on 28th October 2023, you will unlock all 15 of these HR power plays to transform your organizations game.

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