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While the effects of COVID-19 on the global economy have been dire, there is a growing awareness that companies have had to and are still dealing with a wide range of complex issues in their own backyards.

As the crisis was impossible to predict with conventional wisdom and forecasting tools it left us with “No Playbook for this”.

Many hard choices are needing to be made, now more than ever, following the return of many employees to the workplace after months of working from home.

The question of one’s vaccination status is becoming increasingly pertinent and, many employers are considering vaccination policies for their workplaces …. which, raises the question “Are mandatory vaccination policies even legal?”

Currently, the vaccine isn’t mandatory to the public, and it is difficult at this junction to establish whether it will become mandatory in the future for the public.

In the workplace whether a vaccine is mandatory or not, can only be determined by the company conducting a full risk assessment.

As every business is different, not every workplace will need and as such be able to implement a mandatory vaccination policy.

Why not contact Compliance Hub today, for a complimentary 15-minute online meeting with one of our experienced consultants who will walk you through the process, before you start!

“Walking the line between public health and safety interests and the individual’s right to bodily integrity is not an easy task.

However, in the current global circumstances, the matter cannot easily be ignored or sidestepped, and businesses may be called upon to define their approach!”

Article By:

Tiffany Reed: HR Consultant - Compliance Hub

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