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As the B-BBEE landscape evolves, the verification process becomes more rigorous, demanding meticulous evidence to substantiate claims and secure points on your B-BBEE certificate. Here are the steps to guide you through the verification journey:


Step 1: Assess Your Readiness

Ensure that all element targets are achieved and gauge the potential level you might attain. A B-BBEE snapshot, essentially an unverified audit, provides a preliminary indication of your achievable level.


Step 2: Choose an Accredited Verification Agency

Identify an accredited B-BBEE verification agency proficient in conducting verifications aligned with specific sector codes. Verify accreditation through SANAS and find a list of accredited agencies here under "Accredited bodies" and then "Verification Agency (B-BBEE)."


Step 3: Initiate Engagement

Engage with the chosen verification agency, disclosing your total employees and annual turnover. Obtain a formal quotation for the comprehensive verification process. Upon acceptance, a formal invoice will be issued for payment.


Step 4: Build the Verification File

Initiate the building of your verification file before engaging with the agency. Proactive file preparation ensures a smoother process and accurate documentation submission.


Step 5: Provide Claim Sheet and Evidence

Furnish the verification agency with the claim sheet detailing all implemented B-BBEE structures and targets. The agency will select samples, necessitating the submission of evidence for accuracy verification. Additional documents may be requested.


Step 6: Onsite Verification

Following the submission and review of all documents, an onsite visit with interviews will be scheduled to further validate the information.


Step 7: Preliminary Report and Certificate Issuance

Upon completion of interviews and document verification by the Analyst and Technical signatory, a preliminary report is issued. After acceptance, the verified B-BBEE level is confirmed, and the certificate, valid for 12 months, is officially granted.


Conclusion: Ensure Preparedness

Regular B-BBEE snapshots are advisable to anticipate achievable levels. Commence file preparation at least three weeks before engaging with the verification agency to mitigate potential delays in the process.


Navigating B-BBEE verification demands strategic foresight and meticulous preparation. Begin the journey well-prepared to achieve a seamless and successful outcome.

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