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Letter From Our CEO - November 2021

With the year winding down quickly and the new Covid variant now making its appearance in the world our lockdown is going to happen again for SA.

The severity of the lockdown in a country like ours that already has half the population on grants and a massive unemployment rate is disastrous for all of us. This is simply unsustainable.

Companies need to be flexible and be able to respond to these challenges to be able to survive. Use this time to re-evaluate what the opportunities are for your company and for you and react to them. We all need to survive and to find methods to survive.

We have run through the elections relatively smoothly and new parties now run the major metropolitans in the country so hopefully this will lead to stable management practices with more controls in place.

Our country needs entrepreneurs to create sustainable business and employment. We cannot rely solely on the government for these interventions, we as business owners need to engage in practices that assist and encourage this. This is in line with Supplier and enterprise development BEEE elements and if implemented correctly can create employment and save you money.

In one company we implemented a pallet recovery project. Staff members at a distribution company were repairing pallets. We opened a company for them, supplied basic equipment and a working area for them to repair the pallets and paid them a rate per pallet. This team has now expanded to three other distributors and employs 15 staff from the initial 3. The pallet account in these companies has been greatly reduced due to very low pallet write offs. The measured entities continue to earn the enterprise development points and now bank rands from this initiative.

Another company offered gardening services to an employee with the same results.

You need to think of these opportunities around the non-core business opportunities in your business-like cleaning, waste management, catering, transport, local courier distribution etc that earn you the points while enhancing your business and creating employment opportunities instead of simply buying the points.

This is possibly the best time of the year to focus on this so that you can hit the ground running in 2022.

Be safe and take care.


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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