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Letter From Our CEO - May 2022

May is my Birthday month. It's always a special time for me by reconnecting with long lost family, friends, and colleagues, and I also see it as my 1/2-year mark.

The first 5 months of 2022 have generally shown a return to normality on the business front which is a great welcome after the last 2 years of Covid and lockdowns.

Business's need to push to get back to full operating structure if they want to show growth in 2022 and grow their market share. You might not be back at full strength, but your opposition may be, and they may be eating away at your market share.

Next month we will resume with our workshop seminars which many of our readers have requested. Please keep a lookout for our invites, we have few new and exciting topics that will help you in your business.

This Newsflash is focusing on the misunderstood Economically Active Population targets that affect Skills, Management Control, and Employment equity in your company.

Where do you find the latest publication, how does it affect your Employment Equity Targets / Skills targets and ultimately how does this earn you B-BBEE Points. If your EE Department and Skills departments do not understand B-BBEE, you will obviously not be maximising your B-BBEE points.

Please have a read. Rumbi and Tiffany are experts on these topics and including Francois with 8 years of B-BBEE consulting experience of thinking out of the box will be of great assistance to you.

Remember B-BBEE must work for your company, your company need not work for B-BBEE

Proper planning prevents poor performance - do you have an EE. Skills and B-BBEE plan? Need help? Please contact us!


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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