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Letter From Our CEO - March 2023

Can you believe that in February 2021, South Africa received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines, with healthcare workers being the first to receive them. So much has happened in SA since then, unfortunately most of it is simply not worth a mention!

What's happened in the world so far this year - Ukraine -Russia have been at war for a year which started 24 Feb 2022, and still, it appears as if there is no end in sight. Turkey and Argentina are heading for Elections and with these elections it is imagined that crack downs will follow. In the UK the Boris parygate continues, in the US Don is back on the election campaign trail, Germany had a horrific church attack and continues to be throttled by Russia for gas. In South Africa the most newsworthy report is that South Africans are tired of the political shenanigans and did not bring SA to a standstill shut down, people just what to get on with their lives. On the Cricket front the Proteas have again broken world records against the Windies- it’s remarkable what the new coaches have been able to get out of the players! The Springbok rugby team is in preparation for defending their WC challenges and and our overseas players are all peaking at the right time - could it be time for our fourth Webb Ellis win?

On the compliance front we see a very active department of labour conducting many Employment Equity onsite Audits - do not ignore these letters should you be unfortunate enough to receive one, the consequences will be dire if you do.

On B-BBEE we have been inundated with Ownership structure requests for effective structures - the pressure on companies that in the past have managed to run under the radar seems to have come to an end? We have been very fortunate to be able to develop a structure that suits small to international sized companies with little or no disruption to the business.

We have also been very active on conducting Gap analysis on B-BBEE for companies - this is a strategic document that allows companies to identify their targets and fill the gaps to achieve their desired B-BBEE Rating level!

Three month of 2023 gone - amazing how time flies when you are having fun! Take care, be safe and if you require our help, we are a call away!


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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