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Letter From Our CEO - March 2022

It looks like summer has disappeared overnight, and with it the month of March, at the same time we must all be thankful for the great summer rains we have had.

The Ukraine-Russia war is going to have a negative effect on SA. Not only is South Africa’s R77-billion worth of investments in Russia now at risk, but oil prices are still climbing along with commodity prices! This will influence our economy and your company.

Eskom is currently burning 9 million litres of premium priced diesel a day, coupled with its R400 billion debt and crumbling infrastructure it's going to be tough to try and keep this parastatal up and running. Never mind even mentioning Eskom’s inability to supply you and me with reliable power, it's time to take the matter into our own hands and look for power alternatives. Without reliable power our computers fail, factories and offices come to a standstill and mobile phones become inoperable.

Power Generation is the backbone of any economy, and we live in a sunny country with an abundance of sunny days. Times are tough. How would you like to drop your energy costs per kilowatt hour by up to 50% at no cost to your company?

I have come across Nesa Power - a reliable and independent solar power producer (Brochure below) focused on commercial, industrial, and retail solar PV solutions that is seriously worth your consideration. It’s a viable solution that can save you a lot of money and at the same time does not affect your cash flow.

NP-MD001 Nesa Power Company Profile V1.1
Download PDF • 6.06MB

Ownership is always an emotive subject when it comes to B-BBEE – I have penned an article below giving you options that do not have any major effect on the running and management of your company.

Folks’ the Department of Labour is doing inspections, please ensure that you submit your Employment Equity Report it is something that must be done. Rumbi has tabled an article below detailing the importance Skills Development in relation to your B-BBEE. Please give it a read. Tiffany has done an article on contracts that can save your business and William has done an article on the need of a risk analysis within your entity, which is pertinent with all the Department of Labour inspections currently happening.

Quarter one is now a thing of the past – I wish you every success for the remainder of the year.


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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