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Letter From Our CEO - July 2021

It’s been a dark period in the history of our country that will leave a long-lasting stain. This had nothing to do with race or creed this had everything to do with power hungry depots that want to get on or stay on the gravy train at any cost. What is now starting to emerge quite clearly is that the gambit by the Jacob Zuma camp has failed. South African society of all walks has turned its face against this insurrection. In effect, an attempted coup has failed.

It’s been a period in our history where everyone understood what they were doing and did what they chose, be it right or wrong. It’s been a period where the minority of our country affected much of our country in such a negative manner that resulted in many ordinary citizens standing back-to-back defending what is right. The majority finally brought us back on track. Thank you to all that care and helped and made the difference. You are the real heroes.

It’s been a beacon of light for many that were sitting thinking that this was the end. Reading the posts of political leaders, their children, activists, and criminals calling for the destruction of infrastructure, property, and life it was easy to be angry and feel threatened. Thank you, you have opened many eyes. The law-abiding citizens knew what was right and stood up in unison to defend, in some cases with their lives, across all race’s property and law and order. The Moms, Dad’s grandparents, security guards, car guards, taxi associations, police and soldiers and everyday citizens – Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to all the citizens that backed, cooked, and delivered coffee to the self-appointed custodians of law and order. Thank you to the private citizens that stood guard day after day, night after night looking after someone else’s property. Thank you to all our international Saffers that prayed for the country and highlighted the plight of our country and continue supporting areas that have no food, medical supplies, or businesses. Thank you to the farmers bringing milk, meat, and vegetables to town every morning.

Thank you to the members of the security cluster and politicians that proved they have no clue on how to lead. Thank you to the agitators that showed your true colours- we know what you stand for now.

To the western world, G7, The Commonwealth and NATO - Your silence was deafening.

Never underestimate a threatened South African with his or her back against the wall!

Many will leave SA as the scars are deep and the damage is painful, but our country will still be in their hearts. South Africans are a strange bunch in many ways. They argue and fight among themselves but when pushed to the edge, they always pull together for the common good.

Jobs will be lost by the million, businesses will close in their hundreds. BUT those that stood back-to-back will continue to stand back-to-back. Business will support business, communities will support each other, infrastructure will be rebuilt, and businesses will once again be open and trading. Why? Because this is what we do as South Africans do, we never give up.

We will prove that as law abiding citizens, we can do it together and the minority that wants to destroy everything will not. We are all better prepared than before. We have a tough road to build but together we can.

To the naysayers the politicians and activists we as citizens are “Gat Vol” you have opened the eyes of a nation.

Let’s be supportive of each other and reach out to others who are way worse off than us.

Stay safe, chin up this too will pass.


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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