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Letter From Our CEO - February 2022

2022 seems to have kicked off with a vengeance with about 15% of the year already gone.

I get the feeling that the covid pandemic has now taken somewhat of a back seat and the business sector is back up and running at nearly full speed. The CCMA case that has been published regarding an anti vaxer being dismissed has resulted in many companies updating their covid / HR policies. This is a dividing subject for companies and needs to be handled with due care in companies.

Business has without doubt normalised a lot more in 2022 most clients are now back at full office strength. We all wonder if this is the start of the end of the stringent controls on us all – time will tell.

B-B BEE is once again a major talking point with big businesses demanding compliance from their suppliers. B-B BEE is like an unpaid traffic violation that has been issued to you – sooner or later the sword of Damocles will fall if you are non-compliant, and you will lose business. Don’t wait - let's get a working plan in place to put this behind you so that your sales department can get out and secure much needed business.

Thank you all for your kind wishes for Compliance Hub's 10th birthday celebrations, it’s a proud moment for me personally that I have a tremendous team of individuals that constantly produce such excellence and have changed so many lives.

In a recent seminar the question was asked about company’s biggest challenges regarding their BEE Journey. Nearly 50% of attendees stated that technical support and training were their biggest challenges. We share their sentiments hence us having the experts in place to take this burden off client’s plate. Our skills / training division have implemented more than 200 000 students' further education over the years maximising the skills element points earnings for clients while adding meaningful expertise to students which ultimately benefit the companies’ resources.

There are a few remote consulting tools on the market but the adage of garbage in and garbage out always seem to come back and hurt companies. If you do not have a good understanding of B-B BEE empowerment codes, that are badly written and confusing mistakes and expensive mistakes are often the order of the day. There are many tips and tricks that can save you money and earn you points but you need to know how to apply them and interpret the codes or it will be a very costly exercise. Manuals have been around for decades but very few use them. If you can afford the mistake then fine but it could cost you money, points and fronting accusations should you make an uninformed decision.

Our shortest month of the year is over – don’t procrastinate before you know it another month will have expired, and you will be on the back foot.

I sincerely wish you every success for the year ahead,


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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