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The newly drafted legal sector was issued on the 11th of February 2021, with the emphasis and outcome of the codes mainly assisting to increase the overall black representation and assistance to disadvantage communities in the legal sector scope.

*Priority Element – subminimum 40% must be achieved.

Management Control:

The management categories are different for the legal profession to reflect the structure of legal practices.

  • Non-Legal support – Black People in Supporting roles

  • Non-Legal support – Designated Black People in Supporting roles

Skills Development:

Specific targets for Advocates and Attorneys and just to mention a few types of skills development recognition:

  • Black Pupils

  • Mentorship on Black designated Categories

  • Specialised legal support.

  • Legal Transformation fund

  • Recognition of monetary/hours spend on


  • Procuring services from Black senior advocates

  • Procuring services from Black women advocates

  • Procuring services from Legal Small Measured Entities

Enterprise Development & Supplier Development

  • Allocate work in form of Partnership, Joint Venture or Sub-Contracting to Legal small measure entities (LSME) that is less than R15mill and at least 75% black owned.

Socio Economic Development:

This could have a massive impact on the business due to free bono assistance per legal practitioner. Below are the current drafted targets per Legal firm.

Contact us to assist you with better clarity on the New Legal sector codes.

The Draft gazette can be found on our Website

Article By:

Francois Le Sueur: Executive Consultant - Compliance Hub

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