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Compliance Hub is a consulting firm that offers various services related to regulatory compliance, including Human Resources. Some of the Human Resources services that Compliance Hub offers to clients include:

Employment equity compliance: Compliance Hub helps clients to comply with employment equity regulations in South Africa. This includes assisting with the development and implementation of employment equity plans, conducting employment equity audits, and submitting employment equity reports.

Skills development compliance: Compliance Hub assists clients in complying with skills development regulations by developing and implementing skills development plans, conducting skills audits, and submitting skills development reports.

BBBEE compliance: Compliance Hub helps clients to comply with the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) regulations in South Africa. This includes developing and implementing BBBEE strategies, conducting BBBEE audits, and submitting BBBEE reports.

HR policies and procedures: Compliance Hub assists clients in developing and implementing HR policies and procedures that comply with South African labor laws and regulations.

HR compliance audits: Compliance Hub conducts HR compliance audits to assess a client's HR processes and practices for compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

Training and development: Compliance Hub offers training and development programs to help clients upskill their HR staff and ensure they are up to date with the latest HR regulations and best practices.

Overall, Compliance Hub offers a range of Human Resources services to help clients comply with applicable regulations and laws, develop effective HR policies and procedures, and upskill their HR staff.

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