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Updated: May 20, 2021

Due to strict SANAS evidence regulations and audits, providing the correct documentation to prove points claimed on your B-BBEE scorecard is becoming more difficult with each verification process. With File compilations assistance by Compliance Hub will ensure a more efficient verification process and clarity on what documentation will be required for your B-BBEE audit and verification.

We have a great team of consultants that has over 25 years+ combined experience in the B-BBEE sector. Our team is up to date with the most recent SANAS requirements and document regulations to assist you with the file compilation.

So how do we assist with the Verification file preparation?

  • Discuss the timeline of the verification plan.

  • We assist with the B-BBEE electronic file which consists of 21 folders.

  • Supply list of documents that is required for verification.

  • Give a clear understanding on what documents will be required before Submitting documents to verification agency.

  • Submit Full evidence file safe and secure to the verification agency.

  • Referencing all documentation to meet SANAS and verification standards.

  • Pre-Audit all submitted documentation and ensure the evidence is in line with SANAS regulations.

  • Assist with pre-and post-verification agency queries.

  • Give a snapshot on current standings with all documentation provided and captured.

  • Sit in on opening and closing meeting of the audit/verification day.

  • Discuss preliminary B-BBEE certificate to ensure desired level is achieved if all evidence has been submitted and approved.

  • Load reminder on our CRM system to ensure sufficient time to start next verification process.

So why not let us assist with your File preparation to make the verification an easier process with less difficulty.

Article By:

Francois Le Sueur: Executive Consultant - Compliance Hub

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