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"When you are building a start-up, it’s difficult. Particularly, a start-up that is expanding at the rate of Tinder. You must give 100%, and you must be committed. Solving the problem has to be personal or else you’re going to disintegrate."

Sean Rad, Co-founder of Tinder, Inc

Successful entrepreneurship is a journey and not a destination. There is no expectation of “arriving” to some finish line. If however, an expectation is created, you won’t continue to step outside your comfort and grow. You won’t seek out the things that truly help the business experience explosive results because all, of those things require stretching yourself.

They inspire people to see the world the way they do, which is that anything is possible. They will often engage employees in a traditional form to assist them in fulfilling their dream for the business.

In keeping up to date with the ever- changing compliance regulations, that come with running a business in South Africa, you may feel you need to start outsourcing tasks, because you’re swamped and you can’t grow, but you’re worried about how you’re going to start making enough money to cover the expense of outsourcing – you’re at the perfect time to take the leap.

Contact Compliance Hub and let us be the intrapreneur in your business, taking care of all your compliance!

“Entrepreneurs pay the price of a road less travelled, while everyone else takes the freeway and perpetually misses their own exit.” Ryan Lilly

Article By:

Tiffany Reed: HR & EE Consultant - Compliance Hub

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