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This concept is very simple to grasp but very difficult to implement and sustain. Inspection requires not only the creation of a standard but also the discipline to observe and audit on a regular basis.

An HR Audit within a company is like an annual health check-up, it plays a vital role in instilling a sense of confidence in the management and the HR functions of an organisation. It is based on the premise that human resource processes are dynamic and must continually be redirected and revitalized to remain responsive to the ever- changing needs.

When it comes to physical health, prevention of problems is far better than waiting until a problem arises and trying to cure it. The same holds true for human resources auditing. Preventing problems is much easier than trying to fix them after the fact. Good Human Resource planning and auditing can help prevent those problems and save companies money and difficulties.

If done correctly, it will help to create constancy of purpose and the development of a work culture.

Often new initiatives are started with great vigour in companies only to slip away over time. This generally occurs because the expectation was created, but no follow-up was established. This confuses your workforce and makes people sceptical of any future changes. Before any new initiatives are started, you, as the leader, must decide what is important and be prepared to stay the course. The goal is to set a standard and change behaviour.

An HR Audit benefits the company to ascertain how much investment it has made on its human capital and how much return it can expect from this investment.

Article By:

Tiffany Reed: SDF & HR Consultant - Compliance Hub

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