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Ever dreamed of making a real difference in South Africa's development while growing your business? Well, hold onto your hats, impact-driven friends, because NESA Capital is here to make that dream a reality!

Nesa Capital is a Black-owned and managed investment manager focused on promoting inclusive growth in Southern Africa to create impact. All investment offerings by Nesa Capital provide its investors with financial as well as measurable social returns.

They connect Enterprise and Supplier Development spend from businesses like yours with exciting impact investment opportunities that tackle critical SMME and socio-economic challenges in our economy. Nesa Capital currently supports active small businesses and ventures in the following critical economic sectors:

  • Internet, communications, and telecoms

  • Renewable Energy

  • Direct and indirect Agriculture businesses

  • Mining Services

  • FMCG

  • Construction and Affordable housing

Here is how it works:

Invest in Nesa Capital ESD or other impact investment offerings. These funds pool resources from businesses like yours to support impactful projects across diverse sectors.

Your investment makes a double win. You gain access to an alternative asset class that provides compelling financial returns while driving positive change in South Africa. Win-win!

Nesa Capital does the heavy lifting. They identify, vet, and manage the investments, ensuring your funds go where they will make the biggest impact. You focus on what you do best, knowing your money is making a difference.

But wait, there is more!

Compliance made easy. NESA Capital investments can contribute to your B-BBEE score and enterprise and supplier development targets, ticking those boxes with pride.

Be a changemaker. Be part of the solution, not just a bystander. Your investment truly matters in shaping a better future for all.

Ready to join the impact revolution? Contact us today and discover how your business can be a powerful force for good! Do not just talk about change, be the change.

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