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Just as a correct GAP Analysis in a factory would increase an organisations production and performance, resulting in better quality products at a lower total cost, so would a B-BBEE GAP ANALYSIS benefit your company by NOT overs or under spending on achieving your required B-BBEE rating level. A Gap analysis finds that sweet spot regarding the age-old question: “How much will my B-BBEE cost me”? 

A B-BBEE GAP ANALYSIS is the first stepping-stone to your company’s B-BBEE Compliancy Think of a GAP Analysis as an unverified audit of your company and the compliance thereof. Each sector-specific Entity has a need for a Gap Analysis, as each sector-code has a different set of rules.  The GAP Analysis aims to set out those rules, utilizing your company’s information. NOT making use of a GAP Analysis means you are unaware of what you have already spent VS what you should spend. 

One of the greatest benefits of a B-BBEE GAP Analysis is that it can save you time and money. You might have forgotten about that donation to the school down the road, or the fact that you paid a supplier earlier than the payment terms were agreed upon. 

This is where the B-BBEE GAP Analysis picks up on your spends and saves you money! The Gap analysis measures each B-BBEE element requirement independently, to set the tone for the next stage of your B-BBEE Compliancy……….

” The Strategic Plan”

Divan Vogel Sales Consultant – Compliance Hub

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