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You are a valued supplier to the companies that you supply. They value all the years’ service, your expertise, goods and services, price and product. Your companies are loyal, but are you giving them the reason that they have no choice but to terminate you due to your poor, B-BBEE level?

Fix your B-BBEE compliance and show them that by doing this you are in turn loyal to them by offering them improved B-BBEE points towards their B-BBEE Certificate.

Preferential procurement can make or break their loyalty towards you. By improving your B-BBEE level you will help them improve on their B-BBEE level to secure more business and you will in turn get more business from them.

B-BBEE is all about having a workable plan that best suits your company, you need to get B-BBEE to work for you, if it's not then you simply do not have a proper plan, or you are not driving it.

Let our experts assist you so that you are in a situation of certainty moving forward.

Hilton Johnson CEO – Compliance Hub

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