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Letter From Our CEO - November 2020

Less than a working month of 2020 is over and then the large majority of you will be heading off on your annual breaks.

2020 has been a year of turmoil and changes for all of us but the positive is that we have survived another year and lived another day to take the battle to new heights.

As the saying goes “what comes easy wont last long and what lasts long wont come easy” has been very applicable to 2020. It's been a hard slog.

So realistically what can we expect from 2021? I am in the very fortunate position of being exposed to many diverse business sectors and management and always ask the business owners and executives this question, what always amazes me is no matter how bad things are generally speaking there is still an air of optimism and definitely a never say die attitude. South African business people are a resilient and creative bunch that refuse to give up and strive for success. It's always a breath of fresh air to listen to these leaders.

What do I think ? Tensions between the Government and the unions will increase and will have to come to a head at some stage. Unemployment will increase to well above 40% and as a result crime will increase. GDP will trickle along below job creation capabilities. State grants will further increase further reducing the governments already shrinking coffers. Gazettes will continue changing, challenging business owners to remain flexible and become innovative as the government continues flexing their muscle on BEE- Employment Equity, PPPFA , Land reform and the likes.

Global trade tensions, such as the China-US trade war and Brexit, which could undermine the ability of companies to operate across borders. However, there are also signs that the global trade tensions are having a positive impact on South Africa as changing trade patterns have seen the major players turn to Africa to find new avenues for trade and investment.

Is it all doom and gloom? No, I do not believe that. The Springboks have proven what teamwork in our country can do. From a bunch of no "hopers" to world beaters. If the following falls into place, we will have a great 2021. The pandemic tapers off quickly and the tourists return to the levels we had in 2019. Eskom stops all load shedding. Export prices remain high. The government makes SA an investor friendly country by relaxing their ownership BEE requirements and incentivising companies. Unions and governments work together to find solutions.

We have a wonderful country filled with diverse views and attitudes. If we can harness all the frustrations and anger into productivity nothing will stop us.

Be safe, wear your mask and take care


Hilton Johnson

CEO – Compliance Hub

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