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Due to Lockdown, you have been forced over the past few months to close your place of business, now we are submerged into Level 3 of Lockdown, your business can presume. The questions we still receive is:

How do we go about implementing the required policies?

What steps do we need to follow?

Who should be responsible?

Who can help us?

We have made it our priority to ensure that our OHS Consulting Team be able to assist you through this unknown terrain and be able to provide you with the information you need.

The following points are for your consideration when opening your place of work, do you have this in place?

  • Prepare a Health and Safety Workplace Plan.

  • Update your Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, and ensure it is communicated the all employees.

  • Ensure social distancing regulations and have this marked off clearly.

  • Ensure your Engineering Controls implemented, this may include; high efficiency air filters, increasing ventilation rates, physical barriers such as face shields.

  • Provide resources to employees that promote personal and environmental hygiene.

  • Require regular hand washing.

  • Ensure correct and adequate signage is in place.

  • If you are asking the questions, who, what, when, where and how you should be handling your OHS Workplace Plan, we can assist you.

Just because you cant see or touch COVID 19,  does not mean it is not present - take all necessary protection.

It will be my pleasure to ensure you are compliant in your workplace, please reply with COVID OHS and I will contact you.

Article by William van Greunen

OHS Consultant

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