Accredited B-BBEE Verification Agencies

  • Posted on: 11 July 2018
  • By: Hilton Johnson

The dynamic requirements of B-B BEE Verification companies continue to boggle the mind.

The list of accredited verification agencies seems to change weekly, to and assist with the status of who is not accredited to issue your B-B BEE certificate. Please click here for the up dated list as per the SANAS website as to which Verification agencies are still accredited.

The new proposed changes to the codes can present significant changes that you may need to consider in your company B-BBEE strategy.

Ownership - What if modified Flow through is repealed for automatic recognition levels? What is direct black ownership for generic companies results in automatic recognition levels for all sized companies? Is being a minority shareholder in your company an option? Is the dividend that you declare in your company bigger or smaller than the total cost of your B-BBEE certificate? Is a 10% or 20% black shareholding perhaps the best option for your company?

Skills Development – Skills Development with the new proposed changes will have to be totally relooked. Is the proposed YES incentive perhaps the way to go to buy two improved rating level if you qualify for the incentive by achieving full points on bursaries?

Supplier and Enterprise Development - Are you aware of options to make a once off contribution instead of spending this money every year to earn full points on this element?

These are important considerations that you need to consider when planning your strategy, we are able to create a Gap Analysis for you based on your year to date numbers so that you can make these financial decisions before you spend money on buying points that may not be appropriate.

If you require our assistance, please feel free to reply to me and I will arrange for an onsite visit with you.