About Us

Historically we focused our services on Broad Based BEE in South Africa. Our focus has increased to include solutions that meet the challenges of carrying out successful and value-adding corporate strategy, empowerment, transformation, sustainability programmes, HR, OHS, Accounting, COIDA, Skills, SDF, Employment Equity reports, Letters of Good Standing, Tax clearance, Procurement monitoring and strategic business optimisation.

Our solutions include:

  • Strategic solutions that make business sense.
  • BEE Scorecard verification preparation - making sure you have identified all gaps on your scorecard using the most widely accepted Mantis BEE calculators.
  • In-House and Public training courses - on all aspects of BEE.
  • BBBEE Scorecard Software - allowing you to track and monitor your Scorecard on all DTi gazetted BBBEE codes.
  • Scorecard Gap analysis.
  • Management accounts.
  • Personal Tax submissions.
  • SETA Skills Plans submissions and reimbursements.
  • Multinational services - Equity Equivalent programmes without the sale of Equity.
  • Employment Equity solutions and an in-house employment equity specialist
  • Supplier Verification and certificate sourcing department supported via our optimiser report.
  • Supplier Enterprise Development - ED from a strategic perspective - empowering your suppliers
  • HR audit and HR master file implementation
  • OHS audit and implementation

Ownership Solutions including Equity Equivalent Programmes, Trusts, Trustee Training, Broad Based Ownership schemes

Our objective is to help our clients integrate BBBEE,  into their strategic vision, with the objective of encouraging sustainable business growth without loosing control of their company.

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