• Posted on: 18 September 2019
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The 19th Commission for Employment Equity report was presented on the 27th of August 2019 by the Minister of Employment and Labour. The Commission for Employment Equity is a statutory body established to advise the Minister of Employment and Labour on policy and any other matters concerning the Employment Equity Act.

Here are the issues that were highlighted in the report;

Transformation is happening at a slow pace and measures to enforce transformation will be implemented in full force.
Section 53 of the Employment Equity Act will be promulgated to ensure that employers who want to do business with the government furnished the state with an Employment Equity compliance certificate.

The Employment Equity bill that was released last year will be tabled in parliament

The report also indicated the following statistics;

  • The Economically Active Population shows that Africans constitute (78 percent); Coloureds (9,6 percent); Indians (2,7 percent); and Whites (9,0 percent).
  • 65.5% of the top management positions is occupied by the White group; followed by the African group 15.1%; Indian group 9.7%; Coloured group 5.3% & Foreign National 3.4%.
  • Africans occupy 83.7% of positions under the unskilled occupational level; followed by 11.0% Coloured, 3.5% Foreign Nationals, 1.1% Whites group and 0.8% from the Indian group, said the report.
  • Males occupy 76.5% of the positions and females 23. 5%. Africans occupied 76.0% of the positions in Government and Whites occupied 69.6% of the positions in the Private Sector. Males occupied 77.7% in Private sector and Females 22.3%.
  • Males occupy 67% in Government sector and Females 33.0%. Persons with Disabilities constitute 1.3% at top management level.

Rumbi Vashoma
EE and B-BBEE Consultant – Compliance Hub