Corporate Compliance

Company Registration

Business Compliance Regulations covered from A to Z

The  Compliance Hub team delivers cost effective compliance solutions across all the critical business compliance areas. With governmental penalties for non-compliance, a serious threat to business, it is essential that all companies meet their compliance obligations or face the full extent of the law.

Human Resources

The relationship between employers and employees is regulated by the Labour Relations Act, 1995, as amended (Act 66 of 1995) and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997, as amended (Act 75 of 1997).

In terms of various labour related legislation ( for example, the Employment Equity Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act), an employer is required to display a summary of these acts in the workplace. Such summaries may be obtained from the local Departments of Labour or the Government Printer in Pretoria.

Corporate Compliance

As a business owner you are expected to comply with all the statutory requirements as gazetted in South Africa. 

This is sometimes seen as being an unfair practice in South Africa but ignorance of the law will not exonerate you in a court of law.