• Posted on: 8 March 2019
  • By: Hilton Johnson

As you may be aware the Youth Employment Service (YES) Initiative is being led and driven by the Office of the Presidency and assisted by Treasury and the Dept. Of Labour.

This Initiative is still in its early stages of implementation and some wrinkles still need to be ironed out. Examples being; -

  • A minimum of 8 months in the role for a YES employee to count towards your BEE score can be detrimental where it mitigates against a job hop to a better role that is to be encouraged. 
  • The emphasis is on “jobs” and not necessarily “new jobs” so qualifications around existing headcount are of less concern especially in today’s low growth environment.  
  • The Absorption Definition that applies to Learnerships and YES is being worked on currently - we await further clarity.
  • Maintenance of the prior BEE Level is a significant barrier as currently defined since the prior BEE Level, after the initial year, would include the previous year’s YES BEE Level enhancement.  Therefore, the enhancement of 1 or 2 Levels earned in the previous period via YES would have to be achieved via the BEE Scorecard in the next year before any YES enhancements can be applied.
  •  Clearly the BEE Level to be maintained has to be that achieved via the scorecard before any YES enhancement. The DTI promised to investigate this anomaly.
  • A non-compliance (NC) score is not a BEE Level and so a minimum of a Level 8 needs to be achieved before any YES enhancements can be applied.
  • Exemption from the Absorption Target in the first year relates to the 1st year a Measured Entity implements YES and not to the 1st year since Gazetting.

Clearly this is a lot more confusing than YES, the Presidency or SANAS had ever envisaged.
The idea is honourable, but the implementation needs to be considered through sober eyes.