• Posted on: 7 March 2018
  • By: Hilton Johnson

Many Construction Companies and Built Environmental Professionals will need to implement Skills programs under the revised codes. This is applicable to all companies IRRESPECTIVE of their turnover under this sector code.

Where to now you may be asking? Simple, we at Compliance Hub can assist you with the entire process.

Please note that this process must be completed by a registered Skills Development Facilitator.

Submit an ATR/WSP for the 2018 period. It will not reflect in terms of your current BEE Certificate, but it will assist with your Tender Process and open the door to funding moving forward.

Regarding the tender and the Workplace Skills Plan requirements, we need to allow for training inclusions (i.e. tender requirements) to assist with the construction supervision, implementation, and maintenance of the project for GDARD.

So, to start this off, let's work step by step through the process. Your applicable CETA (Construction SETA) is currently open for registrations.

STEP 1 - Mandatory Grant Registration process. (WSP)

  • The Mandatory Grant Submission which is due by the 30th April 2018.
  • Letter of appointment IF you use our services - we will send you a letter of appointment on your Company Letterhead, signed off and returned soonest. This will allow us access to your Company history on the system, we can then start the submission process.
  • The Mandatory Grant allows you to claim back 20% of your annual SDL levies. Not necessarily payable within the first year of submission if this is the case.

STEP 2 – Documentation (A listing of required documents need to be included in your submission)

These include as follows:

  • Company Registration Documents
  • Confirmation of Banking Details
  • BEE Certificate


  • Employee profile - This is a listing of current staff members by race and gender.
  • Do you hire or sub-contract any labour for projects?

STEP 4 - A list of training interventions regarding the current tenders and or potential new tenders going forward for inclusion in the Training Plan. When looking to implement, these costs will then be utilized for future BEE certificates in terms of the demographic requirements, and anticipated Skills Expenditure. This will require some feedback from you regarding managing and implementing these proposed programmes.

STEP 5 - Training Report Please advise on the following to see what can be included in the report to secure funding from SETA.

  • Have you or any partners attended workshops/conferences/seminars?
  • Have you or any partners presented any workshops/seminars?
  • Have you addressed any OHS (Occupational Health & Safety Requirements)?
  • Have you or any of the Partners mentored architectural students?

STEP 6 - Submit your 2018 Mandatory Grant application.