Main Info
Pty Ltd, CC, etc – are you a Section 21 company, Multi National company or Public Enterprise, NGO or NPO.
Nearest city where the majority of your employees are situated
Financials that will be used for the rating
Do you have Audited financial statements? *
Will you be using management Accounts *
Will you tender to government institutions like Eskom, Transnet or municipalities? *
Shareholders Info
Do you require on site file compilation assistance? *
Do you require assistance with gathering the B-BBEE certificates of above mentioned suppliers and a procurement optimiser report? *
Have you submitted a work place skills plan to your SETA? *
Have you submitted an Employment Equity Plan to DOL? *
Do you have an OHS Certificate? *
Would you like a post-audit meeting with the Verification Agency once the certificate is issued, to planning ahead? *
Would you like someone to come and consult and strategically assist you before the audit (B-BBEE consulting services)? *